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Maybe once will never be enough


My father may be Manhattan’s top property billionaire,

but I didn’t rely on his name to get where I am in the cut-throat world of New York real estate.

So what if I'm a workaholic?

I still have needs––and by needs, I mean fun with no commitment.

And the perfect place to have fun is at my best friend’s wedding in the Bahamas.

Sun, sea, sex, and the perfect candidate is a crazy, brash, six-foot three, bronzed Australian named Scott.

Sparks fly between us, especially in the bedroom.

But we have an agreement, this is a one-time only deal.


Some may say I’m addicted to danger, and they’d be right.

I was a pilot in the Australian Defense Force and when I retired, I went back to my first love––surfing. Nothing like the thrill of catching a wave and wondering if you will make it to the end

or be spat out in the wash.

Now I run a successful surfboard design company in Florida,

a world away from my home on the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Maybe I’ve been stuck in the office too long.

Because when Jasmine Richards offers me a one-time deal on a private Bahamian island, I can’t resist.

Ignoring every red flag, I succumb to the temptation.

When one-time is so good they keep coming back for more.

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