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Logan Carlson is a total pain in my …

He’s a grumpy, moody billionaire, who constantly disapproves of everything I do.

And for the next four weeks, he’s my roommate.

Whether he likes it or not, I’m here to stay until my new apartment is ready to move into.

But when he drops the grump and lets me see the real him, everything changes.

Fourteen years ago, I kissed Logan—my high school crush—on the night of his sixteenth birthday.

And now, I want to kiss him again.



What was I thinking? 

Under duress, I agreed to let my sister’s best friend stay in my spare room.

Only four weeks, she’d said. And that was twenty-eight days too long. 

She’s wreaking havoc on my carefully ordered life. I like order. And there isn’t one aspect of Allie’s life that’s ordered.

But when she needs my help to deal with some unwanted attention, her bad habits turn seductive. And it’s hard not to want to keep her close … and safe. 

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