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Dealing with one arrogant, temperamental author who is making demands on my time is all part of the job.

I’m head of the London branch of Carlson Publishing and if I can organize the hell out of my three older stepbrothers, I can handle one difficult best-selling author.

If that requires me to drive half a day to a remote Cornish cottage to get his contract signed, then that’s what I’ll do.  
But when the author turns out to be the tall, gorgeous, Scottish man who made me weak at the knees during our one-night stand two months before, a publishing contract is the last thing on my mind.

I try to shake off my attraction and remind myself that he’s a charming player. But Drew’s mellow, throaty Scottish accent sends vibrations of pleasure shooting through my body with every word he utters.

He makes me question myself.

And it isn’t long before I’m wondering where our business agreement ends and our personal lives begin.


The first time I met Katie Carlson, we stumbled into her hotel suite without a clue who the other was. An amazing connection and a steamy one-night stand … Until I spotted her ID and realized she was about to be my boss.
I should have never left the way I did, and fate certainly had a way of ramming home that mistake. Now I’m left trying to pick up the broken pieces of my life, one painful day at a time.
Everything changed for me that night, and I’ve tried to erase it from my memory, but her beautiful face has taken up residence in my head. I know I should stay away, but the moment I see her again, I know I can’t. Not until I can apologize and make things right with her.
That’s the plan … But we all know the simplest plans never turn out to be so easy in the end.

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